Xbox One to Release More Info on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Patch

This seems to be a good year for anyone who is loving PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One. Not only is it a new patch confirmed to happen, the gaming console company is expected to release more information about it soon. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

According to ComicBook, a release date for the upcoming PUBG patch for Xbox One has yet to be determined. However, the update, which basically focuses on “known issues” and “quality of life improvements,” has just passed Microsoft certification. The update is also expected to arrive with a couple of gameplay tweaks, albeit unknown.

Recently, the topic on the next Xbox One patch for the game surfaced on the console’s official subreddit. Eventually, a member of the team responded to a post about the patch and revealed some insight into the patch goals and processes.

The Xbox team reiterated that fixes included in the patch may somehow affect the release date, as this can significantly affect the entire process. Still, it is an acceptable explanation considering the fact that the developers want to “bring meaningful improvements” as fast as they can.

For PUBG on Xbox, there is currently no specific or set day of the week we will release patches. Our goal is to make patches available once Certification has finalized testing, and the team is confident that the overall experience is improved with the patch.

The post continues:

We will strive for transparency in the process (hence this weeks previous update on the state of the patch) even though information may appear to be incomplete or still in formation.

Interestingly, the post suggested that more information about the PUBG patch could be revealed “as early as later this evening.” It is worth noting that the response came within a few hours of each other on Sunday.

So, in terms of timeframe, “this evening” could very much reference to a possible patch information anytime soon. This is definitely something that fans of the highly-celebrated game should look forward to!

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