4 Things We Want to See From Overwatch in 2018

Everyone can agree that Overwatch became a huge thing in 2017. Aside from adding new heroes, Blizzard’s titular multiplayer shooter celebrated its first anniversary. This goes without saying that there were new maps and new arcade modes such as Deathmatch and the popular custom game server browser.

This year is also starting to look great. For instance, the highly-anticipated Overwatch League is all set to launch next week. Game director Jeff Kaplan also gave some insights, in a recent developer update, on the new hero they are currently working. Still, there is a couple of things we want to see from the game in 2018.

#1. More Non-Traditional Hero Archetypes

Overwatch Doomfist

When talking about non-traditional hero archetypes, the best example is none other than Doomfist. According to PCGamer, the gauntlet-wielding hero’s ability-centric kit is a “far cry” from the more common point-and-shoot characters like McCree and Soldier: 76. It is about time Blizzard considers adding heroes that give a breath of fresh air. Moira, in particular, was also a great addition. She is the kind of support that has a good balance of healing and DPS.

#2. In-Game Hero Customization

Overwatch D.Va

Sure, Overwatch is packed with tons of awesome skins, and we can expect Blizzard to develop more of these in the coming months. However, it is interesting to see a feature that allows players to customize heroes according to their preference. A visual changeup should be enough to give players something to be occupied. It is also interesting to see an option where players can coordinate outfits accordingly.

#3. An Overwatch Movie

Overwatch Reinhardt

Seriously, we need this. I, for one, can say that Blizzard has the resources to deliver a movie based on Overwatch’s lore. Look at those animated shorts they uploaded on YouTube. All of them captured our hearts, is it not right? Besides, the game has a very interesting storyline. For now, though, I will not hope for a live-action Overwatch movie. Perhaps an animated film is enough to make me feel excited.

#4. Address Toxicity in the Most Effective Way

Overwatch Reaper

While there is a lot of good in Overwatch, there is also a lot of bad on it. Almost every day players complain about leavers and abusive chat. Toxicity problems have plagued the game since its release. And although Blizzard has been successful in minimizing these issues, there is still a need for improvement. Principal designer Scott Mercer said that toxicity is an issue faced by the studio and they consider it “one of our highest priorities.” Well, we can just hope for the best.

In any case, there is no doubt that 2018 will be another prosperous year for Overwatch.

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