Donald Trump's Allies Insist He's Mentally Fit for Office

Image via The New Yorker

This time around it was the very own allies of Donald Trump who defended him against his critics. On Sunday, they insisted that the US president was not only fit for the office but was also mentally stable.

The Guardian reports that fellow Republicans defended Trump’s claims that he was a “very stable genius.” It is worth noting that many deemed his statements false, as he was infamous for erratic behavior and outlandish remarks.

Trump’s capacity to lead the country surfaced after a new book by Michael Wolff was thrown into the political mainstream. Wolf, in his book, describes the POTUS as someone who is disengaged, arrogant, unstable, and incapable of processing information.

A senior White House official by the name of Stephen Miller reiterated the president’s prideful tweet, echoing that the book was merely “contrary to reality.” He continued that Trump has, by far, shown nothing but mental sharpness and agility since the start of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Miller was quoted saying, “I saw a man who was a political genius.”

Trump’s CIA director, on the other hand, told the media that they both have talked about some serious issues concerning the country and the rest of the world.

He added:

The president is engaged. He understands the complexity, asks really difficult questions from our team at CIA. I’ve watched him do that.

Some senators who wanted to secure Trump’s approve also joined in. However, Wolff and the rest of the members of the Democratic party remained steadfast and continued to express concerns about the president’s actions as well as comments.

It is true that Trump’s erratic behavior has long been articulated by his critics. Apparently, though, it was only recently that his mental health took the spotlight following Wolff’s book release.

One of the Trump’s most recent online shenanigans was a response, which he posted on Twitter, to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. The 71-year-old leader insisted that America has a much “bigger” and “more powerful” nuclear button.

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