Blizzard Kicks Off Overwatch League With Brand New Skins

Overwatch League New Skins

This is definitely a good news for all Overwatch fans out there. That is because a new set of skins are expected to arrive any time today. It is meant to mark the start of the highly-anticipated Overwatch League, which is one of the most celebrated eSports initiatives to date.

According to GameSpot, the event will officially jumpstart its first season this week. And it was game director Jeff Kaplan who previously teased the arrival of League-themed skins in Overwatch. Although the official time is yet to be determined, the skins are already confirmed for arrival today.

Basically, each of the team in the league will have its very own skin available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The skins, as announced in recent Overwatch League event, will be dropped via an update today. Players can purchase them by using League Tokens, which is a new type of currency meant specifically for these special skins.

Overwatch League New Skins

Blizzard believes that by introducing a new in-game currency, profits can be split between the studio and the respective teams. In terms of official pricing, however, the video game company has yet to reveal it.

The upcoming update will also introduce a brand new feature called Overwatch League tab. As the name speaks for itself, players can use it to check out schedules of upcoming matches and track league-related updates. The studio even launched a certain app for the eSports event that provides similar functionality.

Overwatch League Skins

Blizzard and Twitch, thanks to their partnership, will broadcast real-time matches through the titular streaming platform in several languages. Indeed, Overwatch League is an exciting eSports event to look forward to!

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