30 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier and Better

We all are fond of life hacks, right? After all, they help our lives much easier. But perhaps the best ones are those that require little to zero money from our pockets. Otherwise, they won’t really make our lives “much easier.”

Today, we’ll show you some of the best life hacks that can either help you organize stuff or de-clutter space. These are also perfect for people who want to prolong and preserve products. As for those who barely acknowledge life hacks in their lives, then it’s probably time to make up your mind.

Without further ado, here are 30 life hacks to keep in mind. You can always thank us later!


Using paper clips to organize cables and wires


Using old cd spindle like a pro


How to make sure everything on a Nutella bottle is eaten


Using soda-pop tab to offset hangers


Organizing tangled cords properly


How to cook pancakes without getting messy


Using nail polish to identify different keys


How to increase capacity


How to remove stem from strawberries


How to fold bed sheets properly


Placing rubber bands on an open paint to wipe excess from the brush


How to make sure you won't forget who borrowed items from you


Filling a container that doesn't fit in a sink


Drinking at the beach properly


Using can opener to open blister and avoid accidentally cutting yourself


Life Hacks to make life easier and better


Using hair straighteners like a pro


Using hair clip to organize long wires


How to stack clothes properly


Making icepack like a pro without dripping


Using bread clip to hold spot on adhesive tapes


Making fuzzy headlights new again


Bread clips to label and organize power cords


50 pounds of groceries in one single holder


How to use straw properly on can sodas or drinks


Wrapping papers like a pro


How to take the annoying silver on soaps


Heating leftovers like a pro


Using nails to save plugs


Reviving old cassette cases as phone holders

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