Elon Musk's Hyperloop One System To Become A Reality Very Soon

The close to supersonic rail system known as Hyperloop has passed another key point of achievement on its way from a dream to a stunning reality, the US startup Hyperloop One said yesterday.

The Hyperloop system is intended to send pods helping cargo and/or individuals through low-weight tubes over long distances at passenger jet velocities.

Pods Supersonic Speed
Passengers and cargo will be aboard in pods such as these

Hyperloop One early this year revealed a rundown of areas around the globe competing to put the supersonic rail travel framework to the test.

Hyperloop One, which is building up a framework theorized by business tycoon Elon Musk, said that a test a week ago of a full hyperloop system at its private facility in the desert close to Las Vegas was a win, hitting record speeds.

Depressurized Tubes
Installation of the first depressurized tube in North of Las Vegas

“That’s a huge milestone for us,” said Hyperloop One co-founder and executive chairman Shervin Pishevar. “Now we’ve shown that the Hyperloop actually works. And now this is the dawn of the commercialization of the Hyperloop. So from this point on we move to the commercialization process.” he added.

Amid what the startup alluded to as Phase 2 testing, a unit fired through a tube depressurized to what might as well be equivalent to 200,000 feet (60,000 meters) above ocean level achieved an extraordinary speed of 192 mph (310 kilometers for every hour).

All parts were effectively tested, including engines, controls, the vacuum framework, and the magnetic levitation that gives cases a chance to zoom along tracks without touching them, the organization said.

Installation Tubes Las Vegas
Interconnected depressurized tubes in Las Vegas facility

Hyperloop One engineering chief Josh Giegel said the operations are going smoothly as intended and are already planning a “production level development ― how we take this prototype and actually scale it to making hundreds or thousands of units and then actually deploying that around the world.”

Hyperloop One had initially guaranteed a full-scale reveal soon, after a fruitful trial of the propulsion system.

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