15 of the Most Bizarre Yet Interesting Things You'll Find in Nature

There’s not a single word in this world that can best describe nature. Words such as incredible, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and mind-blowing, among others, are not enough. Well, this goes without saying that nature, in one way or another, can be weird (and cruel too!). But regardless, we can all agree that nature is a thing of beauty. It somehow makes us believe that someone divine is in charge in all of us – or perhaps not.

And despite how weird or crazy things can become, we’re still reminded of the value of nature and the weight it has on us. Because seriously, we don’t want anything bad to happen to nature. Don’t you want to see more birds soaring in the sky? How about those lovely flowers that bloom in fields, or the trees that pain this world green? Nature plays an integral role in our human lives.

Well, without further ado, below are 15 of the bizarre yet interesting things you’ll find in nature.

#1. Lyrebird

Image via Wikipedia

The Lyrebird is native to Australia and is capable of naturally mimicking any virtual sound it can hear. This includes your kids’ toys, chainsaws, and even your wife’s sermons.

#2. Carnivorous Trees

Carnivorous Trees eat motorbike
Image via Tumblr

So, you really think trees just suck the hell out of water? Well, they’re not literally carnivorous, but their sucking prowess somehow makes them look like one. Check out the motorbike, which was overpowered by a tree’s massive roots.

#3. Mammatus Clouds

Mammatus Clouds formation
Image via The Fifth Corner

If you’re thinking if these clouds look ominous, you thought it right – they’re really ominous. It’s as if someone powerful or something will appear and make judgment. Apocalypse? Nah, not really. The mammatus clouds exist due to extreme meteorological conditions. But take note: these clouds are often the bringer of giant thunderstorms and tornadoes.

#4. Red-Lipped Batfish

Red-Lipped Batfish
Image via Divencounters

The red-lipped batfish, also known as Galapagos batfish, is a deep water vixen. It has a cruising power of 30 meters or more. Anyone who loves duckfacing when taking a selfie is put to shame by this creature. See that “trout pout” feature?

#5. Victoria Amazonica

Victoria Amazonica
Image via Imgur

You think you’ve seen all the craziest stuff in Amazon? Well, you better think twice, because you’ve probably never seen a thing like Victoria Amazonica. Calling this place wild and creepy is an understatement. It even grows the biggest water lilies in the planet, and they’re so big anyone can just sit on them.

#6. Danxia Landforms

Danxia Landforms
Image via Absolute China Tours

Located somewhere in China, the Danxia Landforms are composed of the finest sandstones and other conglomerates. And no, it wasn’t form in modern era. All of these elements date back to the Cretaceous Age.

#7. Red Crab Migration

Red Crab Migration
Image via Today I Found Out

Just when you though rabbits were the most sexually active animals, these crabs surface. Called “Red Crab Migration,” there were around 43 million of these creatures that travelled the Christmas Island during their annual breeding migration.

#8. Elvis Presley Shield Bug

Elvis Presley Shield Bug

If you’re a fan of Elvis Presley, you need to check this out. Also known as the pentamoid bug, this creature is native to Thailand. As you can see, its resemblance is very much close to the rock legend.

#9. Yeti Crab

Yeti Crab
Image via Rookie Mag

The Yeti Crab was first discovered in 2005. Some experts also call it Hoff crab, you know, the David Hasselhoff reference. Regardless, this one really looks itchy.

#10. Bioluminescent Waves

Bioluminescent Waves
Image via Triplonia

The Bioluminescent Waves can be seen in the Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives. This place hosts a very high concentration of phytoplankton, which lightens up during nighttime. This explains the bizarre phenomenon that tourist would love to see.

#11. Bioluminescent Firefly Squid

Bioluminescent Firefly Squid
Image via Eco Watch

This Japanese squid is among the most interesting water creature. It has a special light-illuminating organs that are called photophores. They can certainly be rave party goers!

#12. Brushtail Possum's Chainsaw Noise

Brushtail Possum's Chainsaw Noise
Image via YouTube

This one here is perhaps the most interesting in the list. Whenever it’s threatened or attacked, it does its best to conduct Leatherface impersonation.

#13. Haboob

Image via Wikimedia Commons

I know exactly what you’re thinking, but please stop. It’s not like… forget it. This is actually dust storm and is capable of reaching 62 miles in width. It even can travel between 22 and 62 miles per hour, enough to make it quite scary.

#14. Tamri Goats in Trees

Tamri Goats in Trees
Image via Weird World Wonders

These goats are famous for, well, climbing trees. The latter are basically the Argan trees in Morocco. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years already.

#15. Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees
Image via Chris Martin Photography

It’s worth noting that in the northern hemisphere, this the only native Eucalyptus species. It became famous for its snowflake-like appearance, perfect for selfies and group photos.

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