World's Largest Data Center To be Built Inside the Arctic Circle

Kolos, a U.S-Norwegian start-up, is about to make world history as its plans to build a data center inside the Arctic Circle.

A residential area in northern Norway, on the edge of the Arctic, is going to have the world's biggest data center. This "fortress for data" will likewise keep running on hydropower and wind, making it the world's largest stronghold of information that runs on 100 percent sustainable power source.

Kolos Data Center
Artist's impression of the soon-to-be data center

Kolos will cover around 600,000m² and will be around four stories tall. This will dislodge the server farm in Langfang, China [585,000m²] to the second biggest on the planet.

Kolos expects to assemble "the most sustainable, secure, and innovative data center in the world," stating on its website that as a world pioneer in sustainable power source and with a wealth of green power at around 105 percent limit, Norway was the ideal place to do it.

Numerous enormous tech corporations utilize data centers to store servers and oversee information. Facebook has one in Sweden and Google has one in Finland. They are frequently worked in frosty, Arctic areas as the servers create a considerable measure of heat that should be kept cool.

Data Center
The waters from the local area will help manage the temperatures of the servers.

Be that as it may, they have gone under some heat of their own for their huge power consumption and extensive carbon imprints. Kolos intends to set a case of how a facility of this size can take advantage of its encompassing energy sources such as water, and the wind to effectively work on 100 percent environmentally friendly power source.

Kolos is additionally exhibiting how a facility like this can be a source of profit for the local economy, not just by taking the locale into account and designing the center to fit in with its natural environment, yet by making what it says will be 2,000 to 3,000 occupations and supporting 10,000 to 15,000 already existing employments in the area. So this looks like this is a win-win for everyone.

Visit the Kolos website to learn more about this ground-breaking project.

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