Top 5 Best 'Overwatch' Heroes For Dive Comp


“Overwatch” is perhaps one of the biggest and most successful title in recent memory. With millions of players from around the world, there is no doubt Blizzard is riding on its success. There are actually tons of interesting things about this game. It is quite unlike any shooter title out there.

One of things players love the most about this game is the team composition (commonly referred to as team comp). Here, the most popular one is the dive comp. So what exactly is this team comp? Well, it is basically about using the highly mobile characters – be it on Quick Play or Team Comp.

Without further ado, below are the best heroes for dive comps. Note that this list may change depending on how Blizzard tweaks the characters in every update.

#1. Lucio

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
Obviously, Lucio is the number one “Overwatch” hero here. His speed boost is enough to give him and the team the mobility needed to fend off opponents. More importantly, Lucio can go from one place to another quickly, riding on walls and surprising enemies from behind. He also has the ability to heal teammates consistently, aiding his them in matches. With his skill set, he can rush in and out of the battlefield with ease.

#2. Winston

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
With his Jump Pack ability, Winston can literally dive into the opponents' high-valued characters and eliminate them. Winston is perhaps the most reliable one in the dive comp meta right now. His skill set allows him to be mobile and tanky. According to Dot Esports, Winston is a great way to engage enemies point blank. But like any other tank heroes, the gorilla scientist works best with a support nearby. So, as much as possible, healers must be there to provide support whenever his health decreases.

#3. D.Va

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
Of course, this list is nothing without the mech-riding hero named D.Va. Among the “Overwatch” heroes in the tank department, D.Va’s mobility (thanks to her thrusters) is off the charts. She can quickly eliminate the opponents’ utility characters (e.g. Mercy, Ana, Zenyatta, etc.) in just a blink of an eye. Although Blizzard has nerfed her a couple of times already, her Defense Matrix is still enough to render skills useless. Moreover, the said skill makes her a viable option when it comes to clutch saves, particularly when advancing to a point.

#4. Tracer

Image via Blizzard
Tracer is capable of blinking from one place to another, giving her an edge in the battlefield. The DPS character can surprise opponents at mid-range. And if the going gets tough, she can simply use her Recall to go back in time. Both of her survivability and speed actually make her an easy pick. Heck, even newbies will not have a hard time using her. Tracer is without a doubt one of the most newbie-friendly characters in “Overwatch.”

#5. Genji

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
Last but certainly not the least is Genji, the titular cyborg ninja. However, this character is only as good as the player using him. He is not just that easy to use. But regardless, Genji’s skill kit allows him to be a highly mobile character in the field. His Swift Strike allows him to move from point A to point B while dishing out damage. He can climb walls and double jump. He is best partnered with the likes of Winston and Tracer.

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