These Galaxy Eclairs From a Ukrainian Bakery are Stunning Works of Art

This current galaxy-themed desserts trend has presented to us some truly astonishingly inter-galactic treats but this one is absolutely a cherry over the top of the cosmic tummy delight scene. They look so aesthetically pleasing you'd almost feel bad just thinking about eating them.

Ukrainian cake shop Musse Confectionery has built up a galaxy style eclair recipe, and it's tearing black holes of hunger in the stomachs of those who see them. Each finger-licking piece highlights stylish interstellar icing of different shades of blue, purple, and pink.

The twirling coat is sprinkled with "stars" and it's difficult to believe that everything is made with basic ingredients which are, for the most part, sugar and food coloring (Dark Matter is not one of the ingredients, sorry). The eclairs come in 5 flavors: exemplary vanilla, pistachio, raspberry, salted caramel, and chocolate. It would appear that NASA ought to consider a refueling station in Kiev as they set out to take a dessert made on a galactic scale.

All images belong to Musse Confectionery.

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