South Carolina Couple Caught Having Sex in Public

A South Carolina couple who had too much love for them to handle were found in the middle of playing around on a golf course instead of playing a round.

 Police found them having sex on the eighth hole of Tega Cay golf course near the residential area

The Herald of Rock Hill reports Tega Cay police got a call from a resident before 7.30pm Sunday saying two individuals were lying on the eighth hole.

A police report said the local told officers he thought there may have been a medical situation, however in by the means of looking through his binoculars, he saw two individuals engaged in doing a sexual act and 'saw the male with his head between the female's legs'.

Two more witnesses told police they saw the couple from the tee box yet at first mistaken them to be a deer on the fairway; which would have been reasonable to think since only animals do such things like that under broad daylight.

Looks like the duo miscalculated their angle of approach because officers arrived in the scene to discover 19-year-old Dakota Len Payne without shorts on and 24-year-old Kiernan Dunne Hennessey wearing just a bra and in the process of being eaten.

Kiernan Dunne Hennessey, 24

The hot and steaming exhibitionists 'were instructed multiple times' to stop what they were doing and to put back their garments on for decency's sake.

Dakota Len Payne, 19

The lady, the officer reported, 'was on her back and the male was setting down with his head between her legs performing oral sex.'

Too bad their chip and run didn't go too well so it looks like they will just have to deal with the coitus interuptus for the moment and catch up later so he can finally put his birdie inside her hole, just behind bars that is.

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