Nintendo Finally Adds PayPal Support to their eShop

Nintendo Console
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At long last, Nintendo has finally started using PayPal as a means of transaction for the 3DS, Switch, and Wii U in their eShop. Earlier this week on their official website, Nintendo announced this latest eShop feature. This now allows users to buy digital contents using their PayPal account from Nintendo’s online store.

This is a complete game-changer. With this new feature, you can finally buy Japanese games from eShop even if you own a US version of a Nintendo console. And, since the restriction is finally getting lifted, you can now buy games using different currencies as well. To access different stores, you would have to add a new account to your gaming console. After creating one, different stores will now appear on your homescreen. Here’s the catch though – this new feature is still not implemented in all region. This means that not all regional currencies will be 100% compatible to one another.

Despite the availability of eShop on all regions, chances are it might still require you to use a credit card/point card from the non-restricted region should you make any transaction. This also applies for PayPal unfortunately. Another thing is that foreign transaction fees might charge quite heavier depending on the bank of your credit card. This is one of the reasons why PayPal would be the better option if you’re planning to buy games using a foreign currency.

The limitations on Nintendo consoles are indeed disappointing. This is why the integration of PayPal in eShop is a welcome quality of life for the Nintendo fans. Another perk of using PayPal as a payment option is if you have children. The inclusion of PayPal in the bigger picture is a welcome limitation when it comes to your kids’ gaming budget.

PayPal is now available for Nintendo consoles in Japan, US, Canada, and several European countries.

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