Ninja Theory's Helblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is Something to Look Forward To

Helblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a 3rd person hack and slash RPG that was developed by Ninja Theory and was released in the 8th of August 2017. The story revolves around its protagonist Senua, a woman who has to undergo many physical and psychological trials as she travels across Helheim to reach the dwelling place of Hella, the goddess of death. In her journey, she will encounter a series of puzzles and will have to defeat wave after wave of large-sized enemies with the hope of making a bargain to Hella to resurrect the love of her life, Dillion, who had died before the events of the game took place.


The game has a dark, misty Celtic and Nordic style theme. Along the game, the player will encounter a series of standing stones that can be activated after which a narrator will tell bits and pieces of the game’slore which is strikingly similar to that of the Norse mythology. 


The visuals of the game are stunning and detailed, as the game was made using the Unreal Engine, which means PC users may do well to have a more powerful hardware in order to run the game as smooth as possible.  The sound is also amazing. The ambient sound effects immerse the player deep in the game and the game features authentic sounding Viking folk music in the combat BGM that definitely suits well with the theme. 

As for the gameplay, check out these videos from IGN and from Gamespot and decide for yourself.

From IGN:

From Gamespot: