Mother Beats Daughter Mercilessly While Teaching Math

Parents have their own unique way of teaching their kids to become wise. Some teach their kids at home after school while others send them to a learning center. Either way, they all just want their children to get the best of education.

However, teaching doesn’t mean beating. No father or mother has the right to beat their child to death. Sure, some may do it for the purpose of disciplining their kids. “They need to learn it the hard way,” as the usual saying would go. But, at the end of the day, beating them mercilessly is still not acceptable.

Indian girl experiences domestic abuse from her mother
Image via Instagram

This is exactly what happened to a little girl from India. She became a victim of domestic violence courtesy of her mother. Her heartbreaking story came to light following a viral video in which she can be seen crying relentlessly.

Not only was she slapped, her mother also threatened to kill her. All of these for the sake of learning Math. The girl was basically reciting the numbers “2” to “5,” but she appeared to have difficulty doing so. As a result, she got beaten almost to death.

What’s even cringing is the fact that she was pleading for the beating to stop. She even asked her mother to just teach her lovingly. Insane, right?

Will you teach me lovingly? My head is going to burst out.

Clearly, the hand gestures of the girl seemed to suggest for mercy. She simply could no longer take the pain, let alone the frustration of getting the recitation correct. However, the woman just keeps on hitting her.

Indian girls experiences domestic abuse from her own mother.
Image via Instagram

The girl even tried to explain herself why she couldn’t memorize it, but the woman continued to beat her. She tried backing away, but all she could do was clutch her cheek and use her arms as protection.

The viral video was quickly shared on social media and earned the ire of many people. It was just wrong. Totally wrong.

One of the commenters said:

Parents and grandparents who do not know how to teach are ruining the child more than they realize… Rote is not learning and adults drumming [the same thing] in is not teaching.

If you’re a parent who finds it hard to teach your kid, then send them to a learning center or something instead. Just do your child a favor and spare her from domestic abuse.

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