Jon Snow's Longclaw Comes to Life in Latest Game of Thrones Episode

The latest episode of Game of Thrones titled Beyond the Wall has pumped everyone in the fandom. Think about the raid team, which is led by Jon Snow, composed of the meanest characters in the show. And then Daenerys with her dragons coming to the rescue. Dude, calling it epic is an understatement.

While everyone is still angry with the Night King for killing Viserion, it’s a relief to see that the bastard of Winterfell is still alive. Because seriously, if he died, the Game of Thrones community would’ve been in deep shock. Besides, “What is Dead May Never Die,” right?

Night King killing Viserion
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But amidst the nerve-wrecking, hearth thumping turn of events, most fans might have not noticed a tiny piece of detail. Actually, it’s a major one.

Jon Snow and his Longclaw
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Yes, we’re talking about Jon’s titular Longclaw. It’s the very sword he used to kill two of the Night King’s generals.

If you noticed, the second time he comes out of that ice-cold lake, the camera cuts short to the sword. And viola, the Longclaw can be seen lying.

Jon Snow's Longclaw
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The moment Jon reaches out, the sword’s eyes pop wide open. You think it’s a joke? Take a look.

The Longclaw appears to have eyes
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See? It seems to have a life of its own. And if you think it’s somewhat familiar, or perhaps you’ve seen such thing before, then you guessed it right. We also think it’s Bran warging into the sword.

Bran Stark warging
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But hey, our guess is just as good as yours. Many even speculate that Azor Ahai’s soul is
trapped inside and thus explains its power to defeat the army of the dead. Or maybe, just maybe, the Longclaw is actually the new Lightbringer.

Regardless, this is an interesting detail that could change a lot about Game of Thrones. And remember, the showrunners are known for adding even the tiniest of details. It might just mean something huge and significant.

Fans on Reddit are proposing that it’s just an illusion or water droplets. But if you really look closely, you’ll see an eye. That’s something, right?

Longclaw and its eye
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What do you think about Jon Snow’s Longclaw? Do you think it’s Bran or Azor Ahai’s soul? Let us know in the comments below!

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