Husband Learns Wife Is A Prostitute After Seeing Her Arrested On Live TV

When it comes to marriage, the one thing that really matters is trust. Sure, love must always be part of it, but trust is what makes the union stronger. Without it, marriage can quickly become dull and sour. Because seriously, why stay with someone who keeps things from you.

This was exactly what Igor Alexeev experienced that night. He was at the comfort of their house, watching the local evening news. To his surprise, though, he saw her wife. It turned out that she was actually caught for selling her body. Okay, let’s be straightforward: prostituting.

Maria Alexeev was selling sexual services
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 Igor and Maria has been married for more than eight years already. But as far as the prostitution was concerned, he only found out about it during that night.

The news showed a police raid in a brothel somewhere in Russia’s Republic of Bashkortosan. Unfortunately for Maria, she was there the night the authorities raided the place.

Maria Alexeev caught in a police raid
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Following the shocking revelation, Igor searched his wife’s name on Google and was dumbfounded by the information he saw. Maria has been offering various sexual services for the price of £200. And believe it or not, her popular service was “full night of love.” Now, that’s something no?

Upon learning the true identity of her wife, Igor decided to end their marriage. He even went for a full child custody and won the case. Well, it’s to be expected anyway.

Maria Alexeev is a prostitute
Image via YouTube

UNILAD reports that Igor is still working on a case that will prevent her wife from seeing their six-year-old girl. He believes that their daughter has every right to grow up in an environment where immorality doesn’t exist. He also pinpoints the possibility of his daughter experiencing a trauma as soon as she finds out that her mom is a sex worker.

Maria, on the other hand, explained that she did it for the family. Igor, according to her, wasn’t bringing any money to them. She was forced to become a prostitute, as it was the only job she could ever do.

Check out the full video of the report below.

What do you guys think about this? Do you believe Maria’s statements? If you were Igor, what would you do and how would you feel? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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