10 Hollywood Stars Who Don't Give a Damn About Proper Hygiene

They say a person is not only measured by his wit and charms, but also with his hygiene. This isn’t a surprise really, as all people in the world know the importance of it. This is most especially to those whose bread and butter is show business.

Although fans see their Hollywood idols as near-perfect human beings, they also have their darkest deepest secrets. And believe it or not, among these involve hygiene. Yes, there are actors and/or actresses that are believed to have terrible hygiene. Some of them even smell like trash just after they sweat.

Below are some of the rumored celebrities who fail to include proper hygiene to their talents. You will be surprise by a few of them.

#1. Johnny Depp

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Multiple sources have claimed that Depp struggles in maintaining an acceptable hygiene. As a matter of fact, among the popular figures in Hollywood who can attest to these claims is none other than Angelina Jolie. She was believed to have asked Depp to use Listerine prior to the famous kissing scene on “The Tourist.” Some even suggest that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor isn’t fond of regular shower. Seriously, Johnny?

#2. Kesha

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Kesha might be famous for flaunting a sexy and seductive persona, but when it comes to proper hygiene, she falls next to Depp. According to Rebel Circus, she drank her own urine on her reality show called “My Crazy Beautiful Life.” She claimed that it was her way of losing weight. Whether or not it’s effective, the fact that she drinks urine is already disgusting.

#3. Cameron Diaz

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Oh, yeah, Diaz is definitely part of this list. She’s perhaps among the few actresses in Hollywood who barely change clothes. And in fact, she admits that she does this from time to time. She even once wore a set of clothes for four days, something that she publicly admitted. On top of it all, she has not worn any deodorant for the last 20 years. That sure is smelly right there.

#4. Zac Efron

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Efron first surfaced due to the success of “High School” musical. While he gained a huge following, his fans might be discouraged after knowing that he doesn’t like to shower. On the contrary, he likes to sweat all day. He loves to play basketball, but he barely wipes himself with a towel or two to freshen up.

#5. Megan Fox

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When people talk about Megan Fox, all they can possibly think is beauty and sexiness. But hold your horses, folks. Fox – wait for it – is a non-flusher. She admits to be the kind of person that’s “horrible to live with.” She’s a love of messiness, with her clothes ending up in places where she takes them off.

I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, ‘Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.

#6. Mathew McConaughey

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Who could ever forget the famous “Alright, alright, alright!” line of McConaughey? Reports claim that like Efron, the “Dallas Buyer’s Club” actor isn’t fond of shower. Interestingly, the guy admitted this when he was asked by a reporter. He reportedly loves his own smell and thus will skip showers just to prolong said smell. Fortunately, when it starts to “bother” him, he takes a shower.

#7. Bradley Cooper

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Cooper is also among the actors in this list who’s not into deodorant. He didn’t exactly reveal, though, why he carries such ideals. But seriously, what’s up with not wearing deodorant anyway?

#8. Robert Pattinson

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People might have fallen in love with him in his “Twilight” film series, but his crew definitely didn't. They reportedly couldn’t stand next to him, as he smelled bad during sets. Pattinson himself admitted that changing clothes isn’t his type, though he changes his mind when they start smelling bad. But the question here: how bad is bad?

#9. Brad Pitt

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This one here is actually surprising considering he got married to Jolie, the same woman who dissed Depp for having a foul breath. In the movies that he star, a good amount of the crew members would complain as Hollywood’s pretty boy smelled really bad. Perhaps his most iconic BO was during the filming of the “Inglorious Bastards.”

#10. Orlando Bloom

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Who would’ve thought that Miranda Kerr would break up with a man like Orlando Bloom? Well, you probably have guessed the answer anyway. Because Kerr had had enough of Bloom’s poor hygiene. Reports claim that from time to time, Kerr would ask him to stop wearing the same clothes over and over again.

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