Guy Spends Fortune Looking Old to Gain Instagram Fame

Everyone in this world wants to look good and feel young. Because if not, how come the plastic surgery industry is so successful? Or how about the fact that the anti-aging industry generates $200 billion a year? “Wait, $200 billion a year?” you ask.

That. Is. A. Boatload. Of. Money.

But for Pawelw Ladziak, he doesn’t give a damn about looking young. Because for him, he would rather spend his money on beard and hair dye just to look old. Yes, you heard that right. This dude wants to look like a regular grandpa, only with pumped muscles and ripped abs.

Guy spends money trying to look old
Image via Instagram/pavel_ladziak

The 35-year-old is on a mission to look a lot older. He reportedly began his obsession when he started to look grey a couple of years ago. He found out that looking salt-and-pepper wasn’t his type, so he decided to go all in.

Now, Ladziak is often mistaken as a 60-year-old man, which is half his age. So why does he do it? What fueled his obsession to such extreme?

Pawel Ladziak before and after photos

Pawel Ladziak  before and after photos

Known as “Polish Viking,” Ladziak did it for the sake of – wait for it – Instagram. In case you don’t know what Instagram is, it’s a photo-sharing application. But let’s cut the BS, everyone knows what this social media site is all about.

Before his road to “grandpa” began, he already had a solid following. However, his followers started to increase right after he shared a photo of him with his hair all white. As of this writing, he now has a following of 350,000 fans.

Pawel Ladziak has thousands of followers on Instagram
Image via Instagram/pavel_ladziak

His initial training started when he was just 16 years old, but it was a few years later when he began to get serious with it. Now, he is all about posting before and after photos of him. He wants the world to see the difference of his body between before and now.

Ladziak also posts videos of his workout regimens. And of course, he includes some photos of him and his bombshell wife. Oh, don’t worry, her wife doesn’t look like an old hag.

Pawel Ladziak before and after photos

Pawel Ladziak posts photos with her wife

Sometimes, people mistook him for the titular Italian socialite named Gianluca Vacchi. The latter, though, is 50 while Ladziak is 35.

Pawel Ladziak is often mistaken by people as Gianluca Vacchi

So, what do you think of his obsession? Do you also feel like getting old, or you wanna stay young “forevah?” Let us know in the comment section below!

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