15 Fanmade Overwatch Skins That Deserve Blizzard's Blessings

Most people will agree that Overwatch can inspire people when it comes to creativity. There’s just something about its setting and characters that fuel the very imagination of the fans. Since the game’s first release last year, the number of fanmade skins have increased exponentially. There are even well-known artists who have joined the celebration and created their own skin design.

In this list, we’ve managed to compile 15 of the best Overwatch skins from the fandom. They’re just so beautiful that Blizzard should think of canonizing them. By the way, Jeff, hope you're reading this one.

Well, without further ado, here they are…

#15 Kerrigan Mercy

Kerrigan Mercy by 댁들은누구슈
Image via 댁들은누구슈

#14. Magician Genji

Magician Genji by Taux
Image via Taux

#13. Gunner Widowmaker

Gunner Widowmaker by Hicham Habchi
Image via Hicham Habchi

#12. Skeletor Reaper

Skeletor Reaper by FonteArt
Image via FonteArt

#11. Candy Torbjorn

Candy Torbjorn by raspbearyart
Image via raspbearyart

#10. Magical Girl Tracer

Magical Girl Tracer by Rachel Kong
Image via Rachel Kong

#9. Backwoods Roadhog

Backwoods Roadhog by Paul Reinwand
Image via Paul Reinwand

#8. Magical Girl D.Va

Magical Girl D.Va by Rachel Kong
Image via Rachel Kong

#7. Fairy Ana

Fairy Ana by Faebelina
Image via Faebelina

#6. Pinyatta

Pinyatta by puffeyes
Image via puffeyes

#5. Nighthawk Pharah

Nighthawk Pharah by urbanmelon
Image via urbanmelon

#4. Metal Gear Bastion

Metal Gear Bastion by ACID35
Image via ACID35

#3. Hulk Winston

Hulk Winston by drakelaker
Image via drakelaker

#2. Shipwreck Junkrat

Shipwreck Junkrat by kairuiz
Image via kairuiz

#1. Rook Reinhardt

Rook Reinhardt by bonnyjohn
Image via bonnyjohn

What do you think about these fanmade Overwatch skins? You think Blizzard should give them a chance? Let us know in the comments below.

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