Digital Start-up in Philippines Offers Love Life Benefits And Breakup Leave To Employees

A Pasig City advertising agency lets their employees take a leave off work to get over a break-up—and pays for their dates and wedding receptions, too.

"IdeaXMachina" (IXM) offers these incentives in exchange for its workers' everyday toils.

In the case of Clemente “Third” Domingo III, founder and CEO of Ideas X Machina (IXM), he had to think out-of-the-box to ensure his employees will stay for the long haul and enjoy their working stint with his company.

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Newsbytes Philippines reports that Domingo then came up with "love life benefits" where an IXM employee can claim a dating allowance of P1,500 six times a year.

And so Domingo decided it will accept a break-up as a legitimate reason for an employee to take a leave of absence, he said in an interview from GMA News Philippines.

"Basically, I urge people to go on dates with their boyfriend, girlfriend, wife and even the person they are courting." Domingo explains, "The rationale is to inspire the staff to develop their creativity by inspiring and motivating them."

"I stayed at home, I bought myself a few beers, but, yeah, I think that helped a lot," shared an art director who availed of the benefit.

"You need that break to be able to produce good work," said another.

Meanwhile, single employees could claim a 'dating allowance' worth P1,500, six times a year.

IXM also sheds up to P150,000 for the reception of an employee's wedding.

The Cosmopolitan Philippines also reveals that IXM covers their employees' subscription to dating apps like Tinder and eHarmony.

Last but not least, IXM also allows employees to go on a "breakup leave" to help them deal with heartbreak.

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