6 Effective Ways to Stay Happier in Life

Happiness is the kind of thing that no money can buy. Sure, you can be as famous as your Hollywood idol or be as rich as Bill Gates. However, if you can’t find and experience happiness, your life is worthless.

Believe it or not, human beings have what is called a hereditary happiness set point. This basically refers to the 50 percent of a person’s happiness, which, however, can’t be controlled. This also means that the other half is controllable.

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So what does these figures exactly mean? It means that no matter how sad or lonely you can be, you always have that 50 percent to be happy. And there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s human nature.

In a sense, it is only right for people learn to develop habits and/or lifestyle that can help them feel happier and more satisfied. At the end of the day, humans – like you and me – just want to be happy.

Below are some of the most effective ways to be happier in life. And mind you, they’re all scientifically proven.

#1. The 5-Minute Routine

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The idea here is to share happiness to other people, to let them feel the happy vibes. You just need to spend at least five minutes to brighten a person’s day. This could be your significant other, brother, parents, or friend. Just say hello, greet them a beautiful day, or text them with a lovely message. Or you can email someone and just say thank you. You see, this simple gesture is enough to produce wonders. You’ll never know, but you might just save someone a tear.

#2. Produce Meaningful Conversations

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In today’s world, people are so caught up with technology. Social media, in particular, has become a downfall for humanity in one way or another. Instead of having a healthy dinner, people would rather take their phones and take pictures for Instagram. Some would even check their phones from time to time just to see if someone messaged them or something. Whether you agree or not, there's no real happiness here. The Real McCoy here is the ability to actually produce conversation. Try talking to a person or two, and just talk about something you will find meaningful. It can be about a job, a promotion or something.

#3. Always Give Your Friends Time

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A recent study suggests that whenever people spend six to seven hours with friends (or family), they’re more likely to share happiness. They’re willing to let go of anything that hurt or made them sad. The power of friendship just seems to cultivate the art of happiness. So, as much as possible, never put your friends out of your circle. Always give them time, say, during weekends. If you’re married, talk to your wife and discuss the importance of it. After all, everybody just wants to be happy.

#4. Meditation Is Key

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Believe it or not, meditation actually plays a huge role in securing happiness. Science has already proven that people who practiced mindfulness meditation had experience increased activity in the left prefrontal complex. The latter is basically the area of your brain that is responsible creating calm and happy thoughts. It’s important to build around on this, as it provides lasting results. If you have yet consider meditation, now is the time.

#5. Be Good at Empathy

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For the sake of explanation, empathy is the ability to understand an idea or notion from a person’s point of view. Sometimes, people forget that empathy is actually a great tool in building solid relationship. According to INC.com, when people think or feel that you understand them, they’re more likely to open up. They’ll be more intimate and caring, as they can appreciate your well-being. As a result, you end up creating a happiness bubble.

#6. Stay Healthy Always

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No matter how you try, if you don’t commit yourself, you won’t be able to change your lifestyle. It’s true that tons of people are having a hard time staying healthy. The world is just full of temptations. Food, internet, beverages, wines, the list goes on. However, remember that health is and will always be important. If you want to enjoy life to a full potential, then start living a healthy life. You can start by exercising or veering away from food that aren’t nutritious. For sure, if you feel empowered and healthy, you’ll have that happiness vibe with you.

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