5 People Who Woke Up In The Middle Of Surgery

If you’ve watched Jessica Alba and Terrence Howard’s movie titled “Awake,” you’d know exactly how this article would go. If not, I suggest that you give the film a try. Anyway, it’s no secret that patients who wake up in the middle of a surgery end up in a traumatic experience. Who doesn’t when you feel the pain of every cut and stitch?

Unfortunately for these people, they had no way of telling the doctor to stop. This was due to the relaxants they took prior to the surgery. The medication simply paralyzed them.

5 people woke up in the middle of operation.
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 In this compilation, I give you 5 of the people who experienced waking up in the middle of a surgery. And as expected, their treatment became distressing.

#1. Carol Weihrer

Carol Weihrer woke up during surgery
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Carol Weihrer spent her entire life living in agony due to a scratched cornea. She even undergone a total of 17 surgeries just to have it fixed. Unfortunately for her, none of them worked. The doctors even announced that there was no way her eye could be saved. The last resort? Her eye needed to be removed. Regardless, she was pleased to know that the pain would soon be over.

At first, the operation proved to be successful. The anesthesia kicked in and she slept in slumber. Later on, she woke up and thought that the surgery was over. Then she heard one of the doctors shouting, “Cut deeper, and pull harder.” She was terrified to death. She neither can move nor speak. All she could do was experience the pain and hoped for the operation to be completed.

#2. Donna Penner

Donna Penner woke up during surgery
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Donna Penner felt the need to have her abdomen checked. She was then advised to undergo surgery. Like Weihrer, she was given anesthetic. But to her surprise, she woke up while the doctors were washing her stomach. She saw and felt everything from the start. She even heard one of the surgeons asking for a scalpel. Ouch!

Penner felt the medical instrument cutting her wide open. She felt the doctors’ hands cutting their way through her abdomen. Heck, she even felt her organs being moved. In her mind, she just wanted to die. And to think, the operation lasted for 90 minutes. Let me repeat: 90 freaking minutes! Each time the surgeons try to move an organ or two, she would twitch her foot. However, no one saw or noticed the movement. The operation felt like a torture for her.

#3. Sidney L. Williams

Sidney L. Williams woke up during surgery
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An open heart surgery was what Sidney L. Williams needed in order to survive. The surgeon even warned him that the operation could be lethal. Take note: he had 50 percent chance of dying during the surgery. But in the middle of the operation, he woke up while the doctors were cutting his sternum opened. He tried to move, but he was paralyzed. He wanted to cry, but the medication given to him stopped any tear production. He was 100 percent awake!

He even heard the doctors talking about his damaged heart. Interestingly, his heart stopped. To keep it beating, the doctors decided to give it a shock. And yes, you guess it right – he felt the electrocution. To him, the experience was more than death. He thought he was already in hell being punish by Satan.

#4. Jeannie Smith

Jeannie Smith woke up during surgery
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Jeannie Smith had a cyst in one of her ovaries, thus she undergone surgery. Soon after she received anesthesia, she was immediately rushed to the Operating Room. When she woke up, she saw a bright light shining right into her face. She actually thought she was in heaven already. But no, she was still in the Operating Room and the doctors were performing their magic.

Smith had to endure the entire operation, which lasted for 45 minutes. All the cuts and stitches were felt by her. For her, the pain was like a bomb that exploded inside her. It was found out that the anesthetic’s effect ran out. As a result, she woke up.

#5. Caroline Coote

Caroline Coote woke up during surgery
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Caroline Coote undergone surgery to have her gallbladder removed. She was first placed under anesthesia, but somehow, the line that delivered the medicine leaked. In just a matter of minutes, the drug worn out. She soon woke up and felt the pain of being cut opened.

Although the anesthesia worn out, the muscle relaxants didn’t. This paralyzed her and rendered her actions useless. She didn’t have any choice but to feel everything during that day. Apparently, she managed to shed tears, though the surgeons didn’t notice. Later on, one of the assistants saw her head move. He immediately fixed the broken line, allowing the anesthesia to kick in.

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