5 Natural Phenomena That Will Blow Your Mind

When hearing the word “Nature,” the first thing that usually comes to an average person's mind is their aunt’s boring rainforest wallpaper in a century old laptop. This article aims to change that. Truth is stranger than fiction, my friends, because Skyrim’s Nordic vistas pale in comparison to the following natural phenomena.

5. Nacreous clouds

rainbow clouds
Odin's at it again, using his finger to point at something instead of his mouse. - dailymail.co.uk

There’s a reason why Nordic mythology is trippy as fuck. Nacreous clouds are a rare cloud formation that turns the sky into a freaking rainbow, as if the Gods above decided to poke the sky with their finger(s) like an LCD monitor. This rare occurrence, also known as mother-of-pearl clouds, appears when the clouds reflect the sunlight below the horizon, emitting different colors. They only occur in the winter polar stratosphere at altitudes of 15,000-25,000 meters.

4. Bioluminescent Red Tide

glowing ocean
Looks like Cthulu's got a rave party - all-that-is-interesting.com
Bioluminescent Red Tide is a rare occurrence that makes the ocean glow like the audience of K-POP concert. This phenomenon happens when the ocean phytoplankton decide to make an orgy and reproduce like there’s no tomorrow. These algae blooms, staying true to their origins, look very disgusting during the day. However, they are the reason why the ocean turns into a giant blue lava lamp in the night.

3. Foxfire

glowing mushroom
Craft a potion using one of these to instantly increase your Alchemy level to 100 - wikipedia.org
If you want to see a real-life version of the Avatar forest, then you should check out the Ribeira Valley Tourist State Park near Sao Paulo, Brazil. This forest contains the newest varieties of glow-in-the-dark mushrooms that turn the forest into a real-life version of Avatar (the James Cameron version). If you’re inclined to check it out, your best bet is to visit during the wettest season and go to the most remote area that can’t be reached by the light pollution.

2. Asperatus Clouds

apocalyptic phenomena
"No, that would be something, this was... Nothing! And it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger..." - nasa.gov
Asperatus clouds are rare cloud formation that turns the skies into an ominous blanket of a Lovecraftian Elder God. This phenomenon is so rare that it only got classified on 2009, making it the most recent type of cloud formation in the database. These clouds are formed when turbulent winds distort the bottom of the cloud layer, molding them into weird shapes. They are usually found in the plains of USA and can be seen in morning after a thunderstorm.

1. Catatumbo Lightning

catatumbo lightning
Pictured above: Endgame content - pinimg.com
Catatumbo lightning is one of the most mysterious phenomenon in the world. Straight out of a fantasy MMO, Catatumbo lightning is also known as the “everlasting storm.” According to the records, this occurrence has been continuously lighting up the Venezuelan sky for the past 200 years. Catatumbo lightning occurs around 260 nights a year, 10 hours per day, and up to 280 times per hour.

The crazy thing is that despite the continuous lightning storm, the place is a well-known tourist spot. With thousands of people visiting every year, you start to wonder whether they’re just there to stand in awe, or actually waiting for the world boss to spawn and get some sweet ass legendary drops. 

So what do you think of these cool natural phenomena? Comment below and let us know!

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