10 Mysterious Google Maps Images That Will Give You the Creeps

Using Google Maps exclusively just for getting directions is cutting it short of its immense potential. Most of the fun you can have with this powerful tool is using it to explore the entire world through the comfort of your computer.

Seeing the normal world on the top-down view is cool and all. However, every once in a while, you come across some weird shit, like…

10. The mysterious lost island called "Sandy Island"

Mysterious lost island
Image via geekologie.com

9. Mesa Huerfanita, New Mexico

New Mexico
Image via digitaljournal.com

8. Strange Australian triangle

Strange Australian Triangle
Image via thelivingmoon.com

7. Kazakhstan Field Pentagram

Kazakhstan pentagram
Image via nydailynews.com

6. Human lips in Sudan

human lips sudan
Image via pickchur.com

5. Indian Shipwreck

Image via /embedgooglemaps.com

4. Valley of dolls in Nagoro, Japan

Nagaro Japan
Image via thisiscolossal.com

3. Huge bunny in northern Italy

Image via embedgooglemaps.com

2. New Baltimore, New York's portal to hell

baltimore portal to hell
Image via mshcdn.com

and lastly...

1. Nancy, France cursed figure

Nancy France
Image via assets.rbl.ms

Sleep tight!